Star Nomad – A Game that Needs Some Love

Damn Pirates!
Damn Pirates!

Star Nomad is an open space combat and trading game that has mobile roots, yet recently made its way to the PC. I was sent a copy a while back, but sadly it got lost in the shuffle of moving and what not. I finally spent some time with the game and found it to be fairly fun, but a bit lacking in the usability department. It’s likely a better phone/tablet game than it is a PC game, at least unless some PC-specific usability features get added. Regardless, it’s a fun time, so check out the video, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “Star Nomad – A Game that Needs Some Love

  1. Thanks for the play! Its definitely still a work in progress! :) Here’s a small graphics update coming in the next few days:

    I’m working on SN2 now and its designed for PC/MAC first & foremost, so i’ll up the ante on graphics, UI and complexity (planning it to be a mix of XCOM squad management, x3/eve base/fleet/mining/production).

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