Let’s Play X-COM Interceptor – Entry 4 – Still Fighting the Game

Yup, Do That Thing!
Yup, Do That Thing!

Welcome back to X-Com Interceptor my friends! In this entry, I try a few different things to make them game more bearable, the first being actually trying the most recently patched version of the game. In trying version 1.2 of the game (I’d unwittingly been using 1.0 for the previous entries), I go in hoping the joystick controls are better, but find they’re still overtly sensitive and floaty. While I’m able to score a few more hits, I’m still fighting tooth and nail to keep the ship under control. Maybe it’s something one has to get used to, I’m not sure, but it’s fairly maddening. I’m kind of enjoying the strategic aspects of the game despite this. I just wish my wingmen would stop using so many missiles, they’re not free you know folks! Yeeesh. Overall, this game is really chipping away at my patience.

Author: Brian Rubin

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