Let’s Play Centauri Sector – Entry 3 – Consarnitall!

Yup, This Happened a Lot...
Yup, This Happened a Lot…

Welcome to this third entry in my series on Centauri Sector. In this entry, I fully feel the effects of hitting the wall, as death is, I feel, too harsh in its consequences to keep the fun remaining. If it gave you back your ship with all of its stuff you had, then maybe I’d feel okay, but putting you back to square one while the enemy keeps strengthening really isn’t fair, and feels like too much of a kick to the groin. I guess it’s trying to make you make hard choices, but that’s not really fun. I guess it’s time I change my play style and see what comes of it, so tune in next time when I try something different! Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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