Let’s Play X-COM Interceptor – Entry 3 – One Loss, A Few Wins

Hunting Freighters...
Hunting Freighters…

Welcome back to X-Com Interceptor my friends! In this entry, we encounter an alien freighter and two escorts. While we take care of the escorts, I don’t make it to the freighter in time and it jumps out, resulting in a mission failure. Thankfully we wiped out its escorts quickly enough to still catch it and down it in the next mission. We then had to deal with some outpost attacks as well, and I spent some more time fighting the interface and the controls. Man this game gets so much right and so much wrong. It’s just annoying me more and more the further I get into it, and it just perplexes me that not only does this game exist, but that design decisions such as the UI in this game made it to production.

Author: Brian Rubin

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