Let’s Play X-COM Interceptor – Entry 1 – Feeling Like a Nugget


Welcome to X-COM Interceptor my friends! In this entry, I take my first step into the game in well over a decade, and OMG is it an experience. X-Com Interceptor has a lot of great ideas, but the centerpiece of it all, the combat, is a bit of an oversensitive mess, meaning I feel lucky if I even hit an enemy, let alone kill one. There are also some interface oddities (the base screen, for example) that really makes one scratch their head. I love a lot of the ideas in this game though, and am looking forward to muscling through the game. I mean this is one of the very few space sims with a random/dynamic campaign, which alone should help me work my way through it. I’ll just have to try to adapt to the finicky flight engine. In this first entry, I show off the combat simulator a bit and then jump into the meat of the game, the single player campaign, in which you not only fly missions, but manage research, finance and personnel as well. We have to find the enemy before they overwhelm us, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m really looking forward to taking a journey through this game, and I thank you for joining me.

Author: Brian Rubin

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