Let’s Play TIE Fighter – Entry 34 – Fifth Time’s the Charm

God Damned Assault Transports...
God Damned Assault Transports…

So you might remember in my last installment of TIE Fighter, I had a particular problem getting past this onnnne mission in which I had to defend a TIE Defender research platform against the forces of Admiral Zaaaaaaaaarin. Welp, it took several attempts (I counted five), but I was finally, FINALLY able to pass this one, and boy was it a bear. The difficulty of these later campaigns is REALLY ramping up in a way I don’t even remember. Regardless, please enjoy watching me finish this damned mission, and I’ll be moving onto the next soon. :)

PS. Once I finish the mission I do yell a lot, and I’m pretty loud, so please be careful with your volume. :)


Author: Brian Rubin

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