Let’s Play Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles – Entry 1 – Damn Manual

Screw You, Robot!
Screw You, Robot!

Hey friends, welcome to Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles! This space sim/first person shooter originally debuted in Russia in the late 1990s, and was very difficult to get here in the states. While I have a disk copy of it, I could never get it to run. Thankfully the folks at GOG released the game recently, and it actually runs! The crazy thing is that it’s so ill-explained in the manual that I spend much of this first entry figuring out how to dock with one ship. Seriously, it takes like twenty minutes, not even kidding. I finally do though, and get some crucial info I need to proceed. I then TRY to proceed, but keep getting shot at by these punk robots. Damn them. I also COMPLETELY forgot about a thread that Anatoly from Dos Nostalgia Podcast mentioned on the GOG forums as to how to get a better start on the game, so that’s on me. Ugh, this is a weird first entry, hopefully future entries will be better.

Author: Brian Rubin

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