Let’s Play Star Ruler 2 – Entry 3 – Adapting to a New Paradigm

So Map, Much Busy
So Map, Much Busy

Welcome back to Star Ruler 2! In this entry…I kind of meander around a bit, and I think I stumble upon the game’s greatest benefit and greatest curse: How different it is from other 4X games. This game offers something fresh, new, different and dare I say unique in the annals of 4X gaming, and for that it should be applauded. Breaking from the fairly tired Master of Orion mold couldn’t have been easy, but this game did it with aplomb. The downside is…it’s new and different, meaning one has to PLAY it differently from all the other 4X games they’ve played before it. I mean sure, the basic tenets are the same as previous 4X games, but how one goes about truly expanding and improving their empire requires a different type of thinking, in many ways. I run into this head on, and find myself realizing I need to rethink how I play this game in future installments. I honestly love this game, so don’t worry, there WILL be future installments, I just need to really think on how to proceed before I do so. In the meantime, thanks for watching this video, and I hope you enjoy it.

Author: Brian Rubin

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