Let’s Play Sol Trader – Entry 1 – Meet Ulysses Carless

This is Ulysses and His Ship...
This is Ulysses and His Ship…

Hello my friends, and welcome to Sol Trader! This is a game that, while having spaceships and space travel and the like, is more about interpersonal relationships. The game makes you into a character with a specific background, set of skills and life goals. In my game, I’m 40 year old Ulysses Carless, son of a naval officer and a manager, who has his own ship, is a decent pilot, has a decent network of friends and whose life goal is to become head of the new order. In this first entry, Ulysses takes a loan in order to purchase a passenger cabin, which gives allows him his first in-game job of taxi driver. It’s a decent paying gig though, but now we’re gonna head to IO next and find some political work, if possible.

Author: Brian Rubin

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