Let’s Play StarDrive 2 – Entry 2 – Turtles find Hurdles

Eat My Death!
Eat My Death!

I’m the first person to admit that I’m not the best strategy game aficionado. I LOVE the games, but I’m not particularly GREAT at them, you know? I know my patterns though, and these usually fall in two columns:

  1. Impatiently spend all my money building and colonizing everything I can right out of the gate, then wondering why I have no money, OR
  2. Take expansion so slowly that I only end having a few heavily fortified systems, essentially turtling.

In my current game of StarDrive 2, due to the expense and time involved in building new ships, I’ve been going down more the turtling route, which mixed results. Pirates have made short work of my scouts, only to be stopped by the starbase orbiting my home planet (which they repeatedly attack with only one ship, humorously), and I’ve not had either time or money to really build a massive fleet. Eventually I build enough ships to fend of some more serious attacks, but it’s not enough to deal with the threat from within. Join me as I realize I’m totally not being aggressive enough — hopefully not too late — in this video, and thanks for watching.

Author: Brian Rubin

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