Let’s Play Star Ruler 2 – Entry 1 – Getting our Feyh Wet

So Pretty, So Deadly
So Pretty, So Deadly

Welcome to the first episode of a new let’s play series covering Star Ruler 2. Star Ruler 2, if you’re unaware, is an ambitious 4X from the folks at Blind Mind Studios, and has several concepts not found in other 4X games, such as a complete lack of colony ships, leveling up planets and a fascinating card-based diplomacy system. In this first installment, we go through the basics of setting up a new game, choosing a race, planet leveling and colonization, interface fun stuff (I love the UI, LOVE IT) and engage in a little combat. I had a fantastic time in this first installment, and I can’t wait to dive in for more. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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