Let’s Play Galactic Inheritors – Entry 3 – Filling Up the Glass

Our Friends, the Xylenths.
Our Friends, the Xylenths.

Welcome back to a new entry covering Galactic Inheritors my friends! In this entry, we reach the limits of the systems we’re able to colonize without fighting anyone else, meaning the first two Xs of the 4X genre, eXplore and eXpand, are finished and now it’s onto eXploit and, if need be, eXterminate. I’m more of a peaceful sort of chap, so I continue the positive media campaigns for my neighbors, the Xylenths, along with my new neighbors, the Melowars (space kitties!). Since the kitty cats don’t seem too keen on me, I spend the resources I would otherwise spend on exploring and colonizing rather on more military ships to protect front-line systems in the event of war. Are things heating up, or am I just being paranoid. Watch and find out, and thank you for watching! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

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