Let’s Play Eterium – Entry 1 – Finding my Groove

Leave My Carrier Alone!
Leave My Carrier Alone!

Hey folks, now that Eterium is out of early access I can finally start an official let’s play! :) We’re starting from the point in the campaign after the previous videos as well, so if you wanna see the game from the beginning, check those out. Here we have a few missions in which the Canopus (the carrier to which we’re assigned) makes its way to a remote star system to further fight off the evil Ravi. I also switch to a gamepad this time since my joystick isn’t fond of the game for some reason (if anyone knows how to uninstall Saitek’s software, let me know). After a short spell I feel the gamepad finally clicked, so I’ll stick with it, as it works quite well for the game. :) Thanks for watching the video, and I hope you enjoy it. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “Let’s Play Eterium – Entry 1 – Finding my Groove

  1. Eterium is pretty good — but I find (both with Joystick and Gamepad) that the angular momentum is *really* high and makes things annoying and difficult. When I turn the fighter, it’s really difficult to get it pointing right where you like.

    Other sims haven’t been so touchy, and the game being difficult because of overly-touchy controls is a lot less satisfying than a game that’s difficult because the scenarios you find yourself in are hard.

  2. You might try the Thrustmaster T16000M; I’ve got one, I think it’s the best stick I’ve seen recently that doesn’t have a full HOTAS setup.

      1. I just picked one of those Thrustmaster HOTAS X joysticks up last week — was on sale for $30 at microcenter! So far, it’s been a great joystick. Itching for more games to use it with.

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