Eterium: Further Down the Rabbit Hole…

Missile Missile Pew Pew!
Missile Missile Pew Pew!

Hey folks, I decided to whip up another video of Eterium since the game drops on Steam tomorrow. :) In this video, we’ll look at both a campaign mission as well as the fun and versatile mission generator. Personally I’m having a blast with the game, as its fast-paced combat is really thrilling, so I hope you enjoy the video and, when it hits steam tomorrow, the game itself. :) Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Eterium: Further Down the Rabbit Hole…

  1. So… what percentage of the missions are escort? Escort missions and I had a kind of a falling out over the years, and we don’t talk to each other any more.

    1. Only a couple so far, so maybe 20%? I’m not horribly far into the game though, I don’t think. Trust me, even though I can’t stand escort missions either, this game kinda gets that by coloring target brackets of folks targeting your escort bright freaking purple so you can target them quickly, and also gets them to target you if you piss ’em off enough, so it’s not nearly as bad as some other games.

      1. That’s good. The biggest problem I’ve had is the whole “we’ve equipped the USSN Glass Jaw with a mcguffin that loses the game if lost; escort it through a thicket of enemy troops.”.

        Only slightly less annoying, though, is that escort missions often seem spotlight how contrived the scenarios are in a campaign. There’s nothing tactically wrong with the idea of escorting, but in space fighter game campaigns it seems that often you’re escorting some essential-yet-weak thing on the scenic route through all the hazardous and ambush-prone locations in the region.

        1. Well, I liked how in this one the escort made perfect sense, the route made a lot of sense as it was explained in the briefing, and the ship I was escorting wasn’t some toothless freighter or something, but rather a wanna-be fighter pilot who seemed to handle their own okay. :)

  2. This is going to be the first game I’ve backed on Kickstarter to be officially released. I’m getting excited. :)

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