Let’s Play Distant Worlds Universe – Entry 2 – Parsing the Pirates

Bye Bye Pirate Base!
Bye Bye Pirate Base!

In this installment of my look at Distant Worlds: Universe, I begin to get fed up with the pirate bastages that have been bugging my ships and colonies, and also get more comfortable with the game’s controls. I also begin to take more direct control of certain aspects of the game as I get more comfy with them. This is making the game even more fun and compelling for me than ever before. :) I think in the next installment I might put one thing on manual, such as fleet control or colonization, perhaps, and see where it takes me. For now, please enjoy watching me get a better handle on this amazing game, and thanks for watching. :)


Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Distant Worlds Universe – Entry 2 – Parsing the Pirates

  1. I despise pirates, and rarely play with them (and when I do, I do “Few” and “Distant”.

    1. I might try my next game with ’em turned down. I usually like the flavor they add, because to me it makes sense they’d exist, but yeah, they do get annoying at times.

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