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Reassembly has been on Steam for a spell, but I finally was able to sit down and play a good deal of it. If you’re unaware, Reassembly is a spaceship building and galaxy conquest in which you start with a small ship from one of many factions, and help your faction gain a foothold in your current galaxy. Using acquired resources, bases and credits, you can improve your own ship, build others and acquire fleets in order to lay waste to the enemy. It’s a really fun game with a ton of stuff to do even now in early access. In this video, I build and improve some ships, die a lot, and try a couple of different factions. It’s a great time, and I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Reassembly Preview – Lego of my Galaxy!

  1. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong; the problem with player-created ships is that some are too good.

    Every now and then I’ll encounter a faction with only one ship: huge leviathans whose combined shield/armor take 15+ seconds of sustained fire if I have my faction’s best weapon x5. When you get it down to a science, you end up with 50 beam weapons and some point defense; not exactly elegant.

    1. I agree! While I love the idea of a Spore like mechanism of creating content for other players some of the player created fleets and ships are simply ridiculous. Perhaps the developer could code something such that very overpowered player fleets would appear only after passing through wormholes.

  2. Between this and Boss Constructor it’s ship building blasty paradise and the two games complement each other very well. As I’ve been playing the two I’ve found that Boss Constructor is a little bit more forgiving but the ships seem a little more sturdy in Reassembly.

    What also struck me is that Reassembly feels like a fleshed out version of the cell stage in Spore. On another note Brian, while I’m certain that you are aware of it, there is a wonderful freeware constructor/combat game called Battleships forever. It has multiple game modes and a feature rich ship constructor; I’ve even seen a decent representation of the Enterprise. The ships – even the smallest – are capital ships and you can select them and command them as a fleet. It’s worth a look IMHO and here’s the link:

    Lastly, I find myself finally disagreeing with you about a game! Oh the humanity!!! I am an unabashed fan of Starpoint Gemini 2 and have been even before the release of the new DLC. I never thought it grindy and I have a beautiful dreadnought that I’m piloting. It feels like piloting a Cadillac with an elephant on the dorsal section of the ship but it is a murderous mutha. Elite: Dangerous for me is just too “thin” and yes I realize that is heresy but Starpoint Gemini 2, while not as large as Elite: Dangerous, feels more feature rich especially with the new DLC.

    Lastly, I wanted to mention something that is not a game but is nonetheless one of the most beautiful things I have ever encountered in terms of space simulations. I THINK you may have mentioned it in a podcast or an article. It’s called Space Engine and it allows you to explore the known UNIVERSE. You can seamlessly land on planets and fly around, explore anywhere you desire, and it is an astronomically correct simulation both in terms of actual observed celestial bodies as well as those that are procedurally generated. The newest update features volcanoes and lava flows on planets.

    The data for real objects is accurate and astronomically correct and for the rest, the program applies known astrophysical principles to simulate the rest of the universe. To give you a sense of the scale in this brilliant one man development, I started at Earth and it took ten minutes real time at ludicrous speed to reach the edge of the known universe. The file itself is only 850 MB but it is truly breathtaking. Oh, and you are not confined to just the Milky Way galaxy. You are free to explore hundreds of billions of other galaxies as well.

    It is a free program and is available at
    There is no shooting in the simulation; it’s all about exploration. I think you’ll like it. :)

    1. Yeah, I think this kind of simple building game is all I have patience for anymore. Nothing minecrafty or anything, just slap some stuff together and go! And yeah, I’ve seen Battleships Forever, is that still under development?

      And it’s funny, I feel the opposite, I feel SG2 is too thin and grindy while I could get lost in Elite for days.

  3. Oops, I can’t edit, so ignore the first “Lastly” in my previous post. I think I was having a Douglas Adams moment. I guess I need to visit The Restaurant at the End of Time again. Perhaps this time, Zarquod will get to make his remarks. ;)

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