Let’s Try Starlight Tactics – Ponderous Naval Spacey Combat


Welcome to Starlight Tactics my friends! In this quasi-sequel…thing…to last year’s Starlight Inception (it seems to take place at the same time as that game, I think), you take command of large capital ships of varying size and capability in order to bring ruin to the enemy. You can take control of two factions (though only one appears available when you begin the game) and then use command points to “purchase” ships that you’ll use in battle. Once you have a fleet, you’ll take them into a series of linear missions in which you’ll face a variety of foes. In each mission, you’ll use 3D maneuvering to aim your guns (which have limited arcs) at the enemy for successful hits. In this video, I go through a few missions that feel pretty dang samey (you always seem to materialize right next to the enemy, rather than have any kind of varied tactical positioning) and have a decent enough time due to the interesting 3D maneuvering and combat, but the game is missing some things that would be helpful, such as visible planes to help us orient our ships, for example. While this doesn’t seem to be an outright terrible game based on my time with it — and it was at the beginning, let me tell ya — it just seems…unfinished in a lot of ways, enough that I can’t really recommend it unless you’re a die-hard space naval fanatic and a completionist like me. ;) Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “Let’s Try Starlight Tactics – Ponderous Naval Spacey Combat

  1. It sort of… works? Huh.
    It’s much more than I can say about Starlight Inception, which, a year after release, is not really playable (or fun).

    I guess Escape Hatch bit waaayy more than the could chew when they decided to make space sim for 158 grand, and Tactics is more manageable.

  2. Is there a 3D turn based tactical fleet space combat game you would recommend? I would love to see something like the Talon board game ported to PC and/or Android and put into three dimensions.

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