Let’s Preview Unending Galaxy – X Doesn’t Always Mark the Spot


What do you do when you’ve spent enough time modding one particular game that you feel competent enough to make your own? Something like Unending Galaxy is what! ;) Creating by a prolific modder to the X series of games, Unending Galaxy takes many of the tenants of those games — such as an open universe with a multitude of professions, commodities, AI pilots and factions and so on to engage with — puts it in a massive 2D universe (with multiple maps to play with) and both enhances and streamlines the gameplay. While I’ve always found the gameplay in the X series to be a bit obtuse, after reading Unending Galaxy’s manual, I had a much better time playing this than most of the previous entries in the X series. In this video, I’ll show a couple of professions you can start with in the deluxe version of the game, from basic trader to lost fleet searching for a new home to call their own. Even though I still had some interface hurdles to overcome — this is a beta after all, it’s still cooking — I had a lot of fun in Unending Galaxy’s vibrant and very alive universe. Check out the video to see it all in action, and thank you for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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