Let’s Play Cosmonautica – Entry 5 – Just Not Clicking


Welcome back to Cosmonautica my friends! In this entry I unlock some more secrets of the game, but find myself not caring too much. Maybe it’s because I’m tired (I doubt it, but it’s possible), but I’m really not feeling connected to this game. Stuff happens, and I feel very meh. It’s not to say it’s bad, just…not great…I mean, the journey is supposed to be the fun part, right? Well in this game, it’s kiiiinda the least fun part. There are large stretches where you basically…don’t do anything. I mean you can watch your crew go about their business and affect bits of change here and there during the journey but it just feels so…empty. It’s a shame, because there was much potential here, it just seems a bit wasted. Thanks for watching this series folks.

Author: Brian Rubin

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