Space Rogue (1989) – Flailing About – Let’s Play Entry 1

Is that...a Door?!
Is that…a Door?!

Welcome to Origin’s Space Rogue my friends! I’ve had a lot of people request I play this one simple due to the fact that I skipped it when it was out. In this first entry, my character sees his ship destroyed, and he’s left for dead on a derelict. Thankfully the ship actually works, and I’m able to make my way to a base for supplies and repairs, as well as some chatter with the locals. Apparently I need to get some license in order to get better stuff for my ship, so I’ll have to figure that out. I also have to figure out how to go through jumpgates, which apparently can’t be done at slow speeds. This is a weird game y’all.

Author: Brian Rubin

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