Let’s Play Centauri Sector – Entry 2 – Slamming Into a Wall

Ouchie Ouchie Ouchie
Ouchie Ouchie Ouchie

Welcome back to Centauri Sector my friends! In this entry, the difficulty wall seemed to really take a spike (or maybe I’m playing all wrong). After losing my fleet the first time (yes, first time), I felt like I was spinning my wheels, losing and losing again against more powerful enemies until I FINALLY won once or twice, enough to upgrade, only to lose it all again. This game seemed to get really difficult really fast, so either, again, I’m playing it all wrong, or there really is that much of a difficulty spike. Next time I might try to time my attacks better so I can coordinate with other fleets (who I have no control over, sadly). Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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