Let’s Play X3: Albion Prelude – Entry 3 – The Mighty Centaur

Big, Pretty Ship...
Big, Pretty Ship…

Welcome back to Albion Prelude my friends! In this entry, I’m given a small capital ship, an M6 Centaur, in order to help escort a convoy and protect it from the damned Terrans. They don’t disappoint, as they throw a lot of ships at the convoy. Thankfully my Centaur is up to the task. It’s neat how you can use the command console to set different commands for different turrets, which is exactly what I did, and it seemed to work well. Eventually a massive Terran capital ship entered the sector to try and take down the gate, but was eventually taken down by a massive barrage of capital ships. NOW things are starting to get interesting.

Author: Brian Rubin

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