Let’s Play X3: Albion Prelude – Entry 4 – Sweet Booty

You're Mine Now...
You’re Mine Now…

Welcome back to Albion Prelude my friends! In this entry, I capture a Terran ship again, only this time I successfully get it back to base. Now to figure out how to fix it so I can use it as a wingman for my lovely Centaur. That’s if I feel like returning to this game. Albion Prelude is something of a conundrum for me, and a frustrating one. On the one hand, I see what it’s trying to do in terms of a completely open universe in terms of building your own business empire. On the other hand, I just want to be a pilot, and this series has always seemed to want the player to be more of the former rather than the latter. I never feel connected to my ship, never to the universe. I feel like I’m some floating head bobbing around in someone else’s game, and it’s not a game I’m totally in love with. It’s a shame, as these games have a long history and an excellent fan base, but I just don’t think they’re for me, ultimately. While I was making these videos, all I could think about were other games I wanted to play. If you love these games, then I’m happy they click with you. I’m just kind of sad they never have with me.

Author: Brian Rubin

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