Let’s Play Sword of the Stars – Entry 4 – Damn You The Herald!


Welcome back to Sword of the Stars my friends! This session was fairly explosive, as an unknown threat only known as The Herald attacked my home world seemingly out of nowhere! Thousands were lost planetside. and while the battle was a draw, my planet went from 100 to 51 percent morale due to the effects of his attack/bombardment. I’m gonna find and KILL him! I also need to take care of the threat in my back yard with the Liirian threat, which I’m gearing up to do with a bunch of cruisers getting into position. Oh yeah, I researched cruisers. TIME TO KICK SOME ASS. I also saw the AI effectively defend a planet from a much larger force of destroyers, which again shows just how competent this AI is. This game really is a treat.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Sword of the Stars – Entry 4 – Damn You The Herald!

  1. Now you know why the community was so disappointed with SotSII, the expectations were too high after #1.

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