Let’s Play Starflight – Entry 4 – A Much Better Run


Welcome back to Starflight my friends! In this entry, I had to start with a new ship and a new crew. Thankfully, I am able to not only recommend the planet from earlier — which was protected by a drone — from colonization, but I was FINALLY able to convince the Mechans to let me orbit their protect planet that they called Haven. Recommending THAT planet for colonization got me a NICE tidy sum, which I used to improve my ship and crew. I then went back to that planet and had one of the best mining runs I’ve ever had, so much so I had to dump stuff in order to leave, since my cargo hold couldn’t carry it all. It was a very profitable run that leaves me much better equipped, since I was able to get an artifact that shields my terrain vehicle (so hopefully no more dead crew). Yay!

Author: Brian Rubin

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