Star Crusader – What a Twist – Let’s Play Entry 14

Bye Bye AR-3!

So in today’s entry of Star Crusader (welcome back by the way), I reach the end of the Alliance branch of the campaign. It’s a fairly freaking wackadoo ending, seriously. Like, I won’t spoil it, but WOW…just…WTFWOW. Seriously though, the last mission was to destroy the last and largest Gorene base, Pranja-7, and it was a tough as hell mission. I somehow survived, but reached a point wherein I couldn’t move, so I couldn’t destroy the base. Thankfully you can set up contingency missions, and THEY won (after my hard work of course), so yay! Now I have to go back and play the campaign again, only next time I’ll stay on the Gorene path. Keep an eye out for that soon, as I have to play through the campaign again to get to it. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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