Let’s Play Millennia: Altered Destinies – Entry 2 – Galactic Consultant


Welcome back to Millennia: Altered Destinies my friends! In this entry, now that all four races have been seeded, I jump forward in time to help these races with their crises. First, after figuring out the stupid map (there’s no way to move it around, seriously), I help the Reptoids by fighting off a Hood attack (after I find out out to fight back, of course, which is ridiculously arcadey but still kinda fun). I then help the Piscenes successfully choose their next leader. Finally, I help the Reptoids fight off (in the figurative sense) a nearly-cataclysmic sandstorm that might’ve wiped them out had they stuck to their original plan. It’s not easy being Doctor Wh…er…I mean this guy…

Author: Brian Rubin

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