Let’s Play Ascendancy – Entry 2 – War, Huh, Good God

Build Dem Ships!

Build Dem Ships!

Welcome back to Ascendancy my friends! In this installment, war is the order of the day. Seriously, in moments, the two races I meet both declare war on me. Why? No idea really, but regardless, while I lose one ship, I give their ship enough of a whollop that one race sues for peace, as they should. Another race looks to be sending some ships my way, so hopefully I’ll be ready for them. I think it’s kind of funny that this antagonizer patch doesn’t necessarily make the AI smarter or better, just a lot more warmongering, which is kind of hilarious really. I get declared war on in this series at least a dozen times or more, no lie (I stopped counting eventually). Let’s hope I survive the entire series! ;) Thanks for watching!

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4 Responses

  1. Timmaigh! says:

    Where is the background music? You seriously did not turn it off? Its the best and most unique part of Ascendancy!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      You have no idea how much it pained me to do so, but yeah, ever since getting hit with that copyright strike a while back, I ALWAYS turn off music in games now. It pisses me off because the music for this game is SO. FUCKING. GOOD. But yeah, couldn’t take the chance. :(

  2. Brian Rubin says:

    Folks, if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, check it:

  3. Timmaigh! says:

    Oh, i did not know that. You are excused then :-)

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