Let’s Play Drox Operative – Entry 1 – Starting from Scratch

I've Got Quite the Following...
I’ve Got Quite the Following…

After taking a much-needed break from Drox Operative (because I seriously love it so much it was getting in the way of playing other games, no lie), I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and dive in with a let’s play series. Along with Invasion of the Ancients expansion, I begin a whole new game using the expansion’s new race, the Scavengers, to bring peace and order to this burgeoning sector of space. In this installment, my new character begins to map out the new sector, finding new friends and plenty of enemies along the way. I hope you enjoy this first of many videos, and I thank you for watching.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Drox Operative – Entry 1 – Starting from Scratch

  1. And, it just so happens that Drox and the expansion are both on sale right now on Steam for 50% off until June 28th. That’s $9.99 for Drox Operative and $4.99 for the IotA expansion!

    1. Hey Stephen, welcome! And yeah folks, now is a FANTASTIC time to pick up this great game. I kinda timed the video to help with that. ;)

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