Let’s Play Master of Orion – Conquer the Stars – Entry 5 – War? Again?!

You Intimidate Me...
You Intimidate Me…

Welcome back to Master of Orion! In this entry, a TON of stuff happens, and I lose track of time because of it. First, I lose a colony to revolt thanks to some spies, even though I HAD A SPY ON THE PLANET. Dammit that’s annoying. I then go into an alliance with the Terrans, who then, THE VERY NEXT TURN, declare war on the Bulrathi, who are my buddies! Dammit! Thankfully I’ve got the resources to not only fortify my own systems, but build a stronger military in case I get attack. Sadly my other friends, the Meklars, are simply wiped out due to all these damned wars! Overall I like this game. It’s fun, spirited and offers just enough to get that one more turn vibe going.

Author: Brian Rubin

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