Let’s Play Independence War – Entry 5 – Switching Sides

I Feel so Dirty Right Now...
I Feel so Dirty Right Now…

Welcome back to Independence War my friends! In this entry of the game, I try to take on the mission, “The Siege”, but sadly the game kept crashing. This was clearly an issue with the game being in windowed mode, as the mission ran fine using the normal GOG-provided shortcut via Galaxy, so you shouldn’t have the same issues I had. Regardless, since I have this technical foible, I decide to load up the expansion pack, Defiance, and play the lone mission, “Indie Patrol.” Windowed mode killed me again, as the game ran so fast it was near impossible to control. Regardless, I’m likely gonna keep playing, as this game is a ton of fun and the campaign is just a hoot. If you’ve not played this one, you need to. Seriously, you need to. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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