Pandora: First Contact – Clearing Out the Scum – Let’s Play Entry 3

Clearin' Hives...
Clearin’ Hives…

Welcome back to Pandora my friends! In this entry, it’s all about getting rid of Xeno hives. I am ti-ti-tiiiihiiiiiiiiiired of freaking Xenos ruining my day, so I’m gonna ruin theirs. In this entry, I take out two hives so as to clear out the Xeno infestation on our little island, and then I’m eventually gonna build a couple more cities to entrench our culture even further! The AI is funny in how it likes, then hates, then likes me, but it’s keeping me on my toes at least. So far I’ve not had to fight for space with them…yet.

Author: Brian Rubin

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