Let’s Try Interplanetary Single Player – Multiple Scorched Earths…

Ouchies! My Planet Has a Boo Boo!
Ouchies! My Planet Has a Boo Boo!

Welcome to Interplanetary my friends! Let me ask, did you ever play classics like Scorched Earth or Worms and go, “Wow, this battle area is too small! How can we go BIGGER?” Well, Interplanetary makes whole PLANETS your weapon platforms, so they’ve gotcha covered. We covered this game a while back on the podcast, and since it just left early access, I spent a chunk of time playing against two AI opponents to show you a sample of the gameplay, including aiming weapons (which takes orbital paths into account, so you don’t just aim, you predict), building infrastructure, researching new technologies and more. The AI seems pretty confident and gives me a run for my money, which makes things tense and fun as you watch the orbital projectiles come in. I had a good time in this single player session, but stay tuned because I’m gonna try and get some multiplayer together as well. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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