House of the Dying Sun – Challenge Accepted – Let’s Play Entry 5


Welcome back to House of the Dying Sun my friends! In this final entry, I try challenge mode as a break from continuously failing the missions available to me. Well, surprise surprise, I keep failing challenge mode as well. It’s not only that I suck — and the game constantly reminds me of that — but I feel like I’m getting nowhere. What’s the point. At least let me feel like I FUCKING ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING rather than just fucking fail, restart, fail, restart. GAH. Fuck. I’m going to admit, I came into this game with a slightly negative attitude over the loss of Enemy Starfighter, but I tried to put it aside and enjoy the game. Well, failure after failure and I’m not enjoying SHIT. Seriously, I’m taking a break from this game and will likely come back to it in a bit of time once I’ve cooled off, but right now, I’m just mad. Mad at losing Enemy Starfighter, mad at losing missions over and over, and mad at myself for sucking so much. This is not how I’m supposed to feel after a game.

Author: Brian Rubin

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