Down to Earth – Cogmind – A Fascinating Robotic Roguelike

Boom Goes the Rocket Launcher!
Boom Goes the Rocket Launcher!

While I do love space games, it’s definitely not all I play, so every now and again I wanna go off topic and showcase a non-space game that I really adore. Basically, if I spend time writing or recording a video about non-space game, you can tell I really love it. ;) Since today is a holiday in the US, I wanted to do something a little different. :) Today I wanna talk to you about Cogmind, a fascinating robotic sci-fi roguelike in which you’re a rogue (heh heh) robot that needs to escape the facility you’re trapped in. Your health is the “core” of your robot, and you can surround this with various devices to generate power, help you move (legs, hover units, treads) utility devices and weapons. These not only give your robot varied capabilities, but help protect the core as well. You gain these items by both finding them and taking them off slain enemies. You can also hack terminals and gain allies as you go. It’s a wonderful roguelike that I highly suggest y’all check out.

Author: Brian Rubin

11 thoughts on “Down to Earth – Cogmind – A Fascinating Robotic Roguelike

  1. Holy Christ. Insta-fu– wait, can we say the F word here? Insta-effin’-buy.

  2. Ya, played this the other day and its pretty awesome. Ive been playing uMoria of and on for about 20 years now and this might take me away from that a bit, we’ll see.

    I really like the tileset used for the gfx on it. It keeps close to a ascii look but it isnt. I used to play Cataclysm:Dark Days Ahead alot myself just because at that time i had a great tileset also.

    Ya, im still waking up. Ive been putting in wayyyyyyy to much time in witcher 3 this weekend.

      1. MORIA, you maniac! One of the most famous roguelikes in history? No? Pretend the ASCII periods are stars, right up your alley.

  3. lol, well back when i started playing it around 1985 or so, it was just moria. Seems tho that when i had to look for a new copy it was called uMoria, and i think the reason for that was because i didnt have to use dosbox to play it or something like that.
    I remember playing it when cwm moria came out on the amiga and i hated it because it had gfx to it. Guess its one of the few things im a purist on, meanwhile ill take any other game and mod it till it explodes ;)

    Well it was before angband came out.

    lol, damn, kindof a biatch to find a working d/l of it. Filename is like I can look later on if your truely interested in it. I guess moria keeps a special place in my heart because when i had just turned 18 i was invovled in a car accident that put me in a coma and i lost alot of my memory. But for some reason i always remember playing moria with my gnome mage tossing fireballs.

    Hmm, qStar wars? Never heard of it. not sure if yoru trolling me cuzz of my uMoria or not. :p

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