Dangerous – It’s All in The Name

Zap! Pew! Pow!
Zap! Pew! Pow!

Dangerous had the rather poor timing of coming out on Steam the same day as Elite: Dangerous was released, thereby causing a bit of confusion amongst gamers who were looking for the latter on Steam. This video will hopefully help clarify that this game is not, in fact, Elite: Dangerous, but a fun and engaging space game in its own right. You can also see my previous video and text review for more info on this fun game.

Author: Brian Rubin

12 thoughts on “Dangerous – It’s All in The Name

  1. Thanks, Brian, I really appreciate your help in educating the masses about our game. It’s been impossibly difficult to get the mainstream game outlets to give us any mention to help clarify the situation. And it’s been daunting getting steamrollered by the behemoth that is Elite: Dangerous, so every little bit helps!

    1. Is there any chance the iPhone version will ever get an update? It gets poor performance and constantly crashes on my iPod 5.

  2. Hey Brian, do you mind if I rant a bit about the stupidity of some in the Steam community? If you don’t like the rant then shove it into an airlock. I promise no profanity though I confess to thinking it as I write! ;)

    I’ve been following Dangerous after seeing your “first impressions” video and I REALLY like what I have seen thus far. Yet, as is the rule rather than the exception, the Andromedan Plague Mold that is the Steam community demonstrates once again its single neuron hive mind mentality. While I can’t directly copy and paste the actual statements due to my ever present paranoia of a Vogon reciting poetry to me, I can paraphrase very closely.

    I’ve read comments such as “this is scam to get your money because it is called “Dangerous” and it was released on the same day as Elite: Dangerous.” Such “logic” would fry the synapses of even Sybok and other renegade Vulcans. By this twisted reasoning, gamers shouldn’t buy any game which shares a noun, adjective, or adverb with any other game? Remember that debacle when King publishers tried to file a lawsuit against the developers of The Banner Saga? King tried to claim the preposterous notion that by using the term saga, buyers would be confused and think they were purchasing Candy Crush Saga (Heaven help us) and to their chagrin finding instead a hand drawn and rather compelling adventure game. Thankfully the judge laughed the suit out of court.

    Another Mold Maven actually confesses that he didn’t do his research and thought the game WAS Elite: Dangerous. I am loathe to use tropes but has this Mold Being been smoking too much Altarian lichen and thus was living under the proverbial rock? He gives the game a thumbs down because HE didn’t “do his research.” This isn’t research for a PhD dissertation for Heaven’s sake!

    Then there is the release date controversy. I suppose this part of the hippocampus of the Mold Mind believes in the Illuminati and that Kanye West is going to make Sir Paul McCartney a big name. {I’m assuming you caught THAT story].*Sigh* So Binary Helix tries to explain that it wanted an earlier release date but due to the Steam process, it cam out on the day that Elite: Dangerous was released. But that’s not good enough for the Moldies. Think it about it Brian: imagine if Binary Helix HAD gotten the release date it wanted! Then the Molders would have screamed that the developer was trying for a cash grab BEFORE Elite’s release date!

    Binary Helix retorts also with a wonderful observation that “Dangerous” is also the title of a Michael Jackson song, that “Dangerous” is a character an NOT a rank as it is in the Elite series – as well as the indie versions Paragon, Pioneer, and Oolite. The Mold Mind quivered, its lone neuron writhed in agony, and its response? Another strange uttering about release dates!

    I REALLY feel for the developer because this is a fight against willful ignorance and just plain stupidity. Then again, I should not be surprised as these are the same folk who will buy ANYTHING with any combination or permutation of the words “call” “of” and “duty.”

    This is a game I will buy based upon your impressions Brian. You’ve never disappointed and if you say it is a good game, then for ME it IS a good game. And to the developers I will say, don’t give up the ship. The word WILL get around to people with millions of intelligent firing neurons.

    Lastly, if you want to lift your spirits and realize you are not alone in combating the idiocy, have a gander at the madness surrounding the recently released digital version of Warhammer Quest. Chilled Mouse has tried everything short of a full spread of photon torpedoes in an attempt to get the Mold Mind’s shared to grasp the concept that THEIR game is not a cash grab. Ack, rather than waste more bandwidth, have a look for yourselves – and my review as jcaracc2003.

    Keep the faith Binary Helix!!

    See you out there!


  3. Not a cash grab.

    Just a terrible Phone APP that hasn’t been updated in years that is now out for PC at the same time as a major title release with near identical goals, just all crap.

    Hey, hows your other lover boy doing with Stardrive?

    Enjoy the cuts you get for endorsing scams?

  4. PS. Enjoy your sub 100 traffic daily. I piss out more site hits in an hour.

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