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Eat Laser Death!
Eat Laser Death!

A while back, I did a text review of Dangerous, a really fun open-universe space trading and combat game. Well, since the game was recently Greenlit on Steam, I decided to revisit the game and see how it held up. A few hours later, I was having a blast and totally losing track of time, so I figured, why not do a video? ;) In this video, I try to show a sampling of the gameplay available in Dangerous, from combat to quests to mining and so on. Hopefully this will help get y’all as excited as I am for its arrival on Steam. :) While this was originally planned as a stand-alone video, if enough folks want, I can use this to start a Let’s Play series. In the meantime, please enjoy my look at Dangerous, and thanks for watching.

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Dangerous – Always Fun, Always Active

  1. Awesome, thanks for the review, Brian! Love your intro logo, looks spiffy. Look for Dangerous in Steam soonish.

    1. NOT SOONISH ENOUGH SIR! ;) My pleasure man, such a fun game, it deserves the attention.

  2. I hate to occasionally be that one guy who isn’t hyped, but I think I just don’t get it. Somehow it just really reminds me of Galaxy on Fire 2. Those octo-lasers, do they both aim and fire automatically?

    The first time I played X3:Reunion, I thought: “It really can’t more basic than this. This is the minimum for space combat.” I feel pretty naive for having thought that back then.

    1. This is a bit more…active than Galaxy on Fire 2 (which I also loved). Those lasers do both fire and aim automatically as long as there is power in your ship to do so and the other ship isn’t spoofing your targeting abilities.

      The gameplay really isn’t basic. It’s streamlined, I’d like to say. One of the reasons I love it because it’s basically a never-ending carrot on a stick of things to do. For example, I’ve got a freelance mission to deliver some cargo, but I see there’s a dynamic mission in which a person is being besieged by pirates. I could avoid this mission entirely, or help the person out and get some extra coin. I decide to help, kill the pirates, then head to another system to drop off my cargo. Since I’ve not been here before, I do some scanning of the map and find a derelict ship and a wormhole. I could either find a new mission in the cantina, go out into an asteroid field and do some mining or check out the derelict ship I just discovered. The game is just awash with options as to what to do, and I just love that about it.

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