Children of a Dead Earth – Gaahhhh!! – Let’s Play Entry 4

I'm Not Weeping...Oh God...
I’m Not Weeping…Oh God…

Welcome back to Children of a Dead Earth, my friends! In this entry, I try to take on one final mission, my brain is so mushy that I can’t even recall it’s name. I have to rendezvous with a disabled ship orbiting an Lagrange point, which is its own type of gravitational weirdness. Not only does the increased scale throw me off, but the orbital and gravitational challenges as well, so I do not pass this mission. Is it for lack of trying? Hell no. Regardless, I kinda love this game, mostly for its UI, but also for its gameplay. This is a challenging game and makes no bones about it. But if you love this kind of thing, you will love this game. Love.

Author: Brian Rubin

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