Space Game Junkie Episode 126 – Evochron and Catching Up

By | 10/02/2015
So Pretty!

So Pretty!

Welcome to this week’s podcast, folks. This week, since our guest had to reschedule, Jim and I spent some time talking about a game we’ve been kind of enamored with of late, Evochron Mercenary. While we play, we get caught up on news, new games, new Kickstarters and much more. It’s a fun, laid back conversation that we need to have more of.

Next week, if all goes well, we’ll be talking to the folks behind Descent: Underground, so stay tuned for that, and thanks for listening/watching!

Show Notes/Stuff We Talked About


New Kickstarters:

New Games Released:

One thought on “Space Game Junkie Episode 126 – Evochron and Catching Up

  1. SpaceEnthusiast

    Which game was “Freelancer on the ocean?


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