Friday Funnin’: Enemy Starfighter

Oh Yeah! Feels Good!
Oh Yeah! Feels Good!

This past Friday on Twitch, I streamed a buncha Enemy Starfighter. The game had just gotten a patch, and it’s new balance threw me for a loop. In the previous incarnation I played, you began with several interceptors and cap ships at your side. This time, it was just you, making the need to complete bounties to gain reinforcements before their timers ran out even more important than ever. I had a great time playing the game, and I hope you’ll have a great time watching it. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Friday Funnin’: Enemy Starfighter

  1. Brian, I love watching these…I hope you keep them coming when you get newer builds.

    Forgive me for a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking here, though, but you seem to suffer from a bit of “target fixation.” When your ship is getting shot at I noticed that you tend to yell “damn, damn, damn,” but continue to press on to your current target as your shields get hammered and then they collapse and you die. I’ve watched some of Mike Tipul’s dev videos, and I think he tends to use the gap drive to quickly escape the battle area and let his shields recharge before diving back in. Seems like a good tactic.

    Anyway, I look forward to making lots of mistakes myself, hopefully in the not too distant future!

  2. With the fight against the big cap ships, I think component strikes are the name of the game. Those dorsal heavy rail guns were what were murdering your destroyers, and once they were gone you had two enemy battleships ganging up on your one BB (which, by the way, all but one of the times you said they had destroyed your battleship, they hadn’t – it’s the cross made out of arrows on your fleet status display – the single arrows were your destroyers). If you can jump in and do a hit’n’run component strike, cripple the heavy armament and then maybe the flak guns to reduce the threat to your fighters while they interdict the small craft being launched as your big guns demolish the defanged battleships. Although, the corvettes the BBs launch seem to be far more dangerous to your fighters than their flak, so maybe proritise them once the railguns are gone, or even break off the attack on the rail guns to go after them if your fighters are taking more of a pounding than your larger ships. Can you destroy or cripple the hangers that keep pumping out the corvettes?

    1. Yeah, I kinda forget all that in the heat of the moment. I also forget I have a gap drive too. ;)

      1. Grr… my other comment was supposed to be in reply to you, Brian – not sitting orphaned with no context – let’s see if this one replies to you.

  3. While we’re on the subject, I’m kinda curious as to how the targeting system works with respect to the capital ships’ systems. Do you have to cycle through the various targeting options, or can you aim at a particular component (engines, weapons, etc) to target it?

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