Let’s Play Into the Void – Entry 4 – Navigating the Miasma

Toy Shopping!
Toy Shopping!

This game is surprising, in all honesty. I’m surprised how engaged I feel with this fairly hands-off combat and simple text descriptions. Maybe it’s the writing — which is pretty dang good — maybe it the fast pace of much of the gameplay, maybe it’s the management of my fleet (a fleet I actually find myself caring a great deal about) that keeps me engaging, I don’t know. It’s likely a combination of all of these. Regardless, this game is proving to be surprisingly enjoyable, and I say surprising because it just looks so unassuming at first blush, you know. It looks like a very simple game, but there’s actual depth here, which I’m really enjoying. I’m looking forward to more, so stay tuned for my final entry!

Author: Brian Rubin

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