Let’s Play Apollo4x – Entry 3 – Square One

Ayup, Only Took About 30 Minutes...
Ayup, Only Took About 30 Minutes…

Welcome back to Apollo4x my friends! In this entry, as I lost my previous save games, I have to start from square one, so after reminding myself about the major parts of the game by revisiting the manual, I dive into a whole new game using a 2D map. I have to be honest in that right from the get go, I’m not wholly thrilled to be returning to this game, but I try to put that aside and muscle forward despite my own misgivings about the gameplay and interface. After starting a new game, I make some trade routes and ultimately make a bit of money, but it’s my approval that keeps dropping. Ultimately, I lose my first match, which is kind of hilarious. Somehow it didn’t click that when you select specific colonial goals for that turn that affect your approval rating, you can select more than one, which can keep your approval rating from nosediving as mine did. I’m not sure why this didn’t seem apparently, but it’s not a great start. This game has some serious issues, not the least of which is approachability. It starts to gnaw at me a bit in this session, so I’m hoping that future sessions are more positive, for me and the game. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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