Let’s Preview Deep Space Settlement


Yesterday, as I was home from work and killing a little time with Elder Scrolls Online (which is fantabulous by the way) when an email arrived. In said email was a link and a code for the upcoming gorgeous RTS/4X, Deep Space Settlement! So of course I stopped what I was doing to stream maybe 45 minutes of it. I’d never played the game before, and it has no tutorial to speak of, so a lot of the video is just me figuring out how stuff works. That said, this game looks fantastic and has a lot of moving pieces, but there doesn’t seem to be much of an actual game here. That’s fine, it’s super early days still and there’s undoubtedly a ton of content that still needs to be added, but right now it felt fairly unfocused. Again, I’ve no problem with that given how super early the game is, it’s just the lack of any kind of tutorial kind of had me scratching my head at a few things. I got most of it figured out eventually, and am damned excited to see more though. Right now this is a gorgeous engine with a sliver of gameplay, and more will surely be added to it as its development matures.

Author: Brian Rubin

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  1. Been watching this for a long time, way back when Stephanie first announced it. Really looking forward to it! :D

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