Quintet Q&A: Going for the Green…Light…

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  1. spazticus says:

    Hi, I’m known as Spazticus, and I’m one of the guys who works on Quintet with Carmine. One thing not mentioned in this interview is that on Monday evenings, we have what we like to call Epic Battle Nights. We get a bunch of us on our Teamspeak server, and we coordinate our battles (both co-op and PvP) that way. We also tend to show sneak peeks of our upcoming features.

    Our next Battle Night starts in just over an hour and a half, at the time of this post: April 21st, at 7 PM EST. The relevant details, for anyone who might be interested, are in the latest announcement I posted to the Greenlight page this morning. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, or leave us a comment on the Greenlight page.

    I hope some of you will join us tonight!

  2. Peter says:

    Hm, how does Quintet compare to Artemis?

    • spazticus says:

      Hello, Peter,

      We often get compared to Artemis at first glance, but the approach to each game’s design is different. Quintet was built from the very beginning to be single player-friendly, and you can always fly around in a Solo ship, if none of your friends are available. Or you can drop in/drop out of someone’s ship at any time. Artemis wasn’t designed to have any single player functionality.

      Online multiplatform multiplayer has been built into the game from the very beginning, though the LAN option is fun when you have everyone on your ship in the same room. (Of course, we’ve also had such groups join us in online battles!) Quintet also has full 3D flight, and is generally faster paced than Artemis.

      We don’t consider any of these differences to be pros or cons, per se; rather, we find that a lot of our players enjoy both games!

  3. Brian Rubin says:

    Thanks for the insight and for answering Peter’s question, spazticus! :)

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