Let’s Play Star Ruler 2 – Entry 8 – Subjugation Rules!


Welcome to the last entry in my Star Ruler 2 series my friends. In this entry, I try something a little different, just to see what’ll happen. As I’m so, so far behind in terms of galactic power, I allow myself to be subjugated to the Free Fasshi, basically becoming a puppet state under them. This IMMEDIATELY throws me into war with the Hoonan, and now several systems are contested. As I have a planet busting ship, it’s time to put it to use. HAHAHA. I love this game, and so wanna play more and learn to get better at it. SO FUN. This is truly a successful attempt at getting away from the (somewhat tired, I feel) Master of Orion 4X formula and trying something different and new. Friends, if you have ANY interest in the 4X genre, then GET. THIS. GAME. Seriously, it’s so good and so worth your time and the developers so deserve to not only be rewarded with more sales, but to remain open so they can keep making games like this. Thanks for watching this series my friends!

Author: Brian Rubin

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