SGJ Podcast #72: Experimental Randomness and First Impressions

What? We Had to Test Hitbox with SOMETHING, so Why Not Paragon? ;)
What? We Had to Test Hitbox with SOMETHING, so Why Not Paragon? ;)

Hey folks, welcome to this random-ass episode of the Space Game Junkie podcast! This week, Jim and I were supposed to talk about Orbiter, the realistic space/orbital flight simulator. However, since I’m mired in moving, and Jim’s internal calendar got thrown off by our Saturday podcast, we were both woooooefully unprepared for just how detailed and deep the game actually is (I so don’t have time to read the 130+ page manual right now), so we put that on the backburner and did some testing with and discussed games which left us with negative first impressions that were later turned on their ear, like Independence War 2, for example. It was a fun discussion, and I think makes for a fun podcast. :)

Now with the move coming up next week, there won’t be a podcast for the next two weeks as I have to focus on the move, packing, unpacking and all that. Once all that should be done, we’ll be returning on 9/9 with a podcast about Star Command: Revolution, which was recommended by one of our listeners. If you have a suggestion for a guest or topic for us to cover, or just wanna yell us for whatever reason, hit us up in the comments below or at Thanks for listening folks, and have an awesome day!

Note, seems pretty great so far for some things — such as having a much smaller delay than Twitch — but it’s YouTube upload capabilities are problematic at the moment. With that said, please enjoy the video from Hitbox directly below. Thanks! Yay, Hitbox finally uploaded it to YouTube, I just had to do it in Safari rather than Chrome. WTF? Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

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