Quick Life Update: Move Over, Now to The Unpacking!

This is My Life Right Now...
This is My Life Right Now…

Hey guys, just wanted to give y’all a quick update as to how things are going. The move is done — and it went great, woohoo!! — but we’re still in the midst of unpacking! My PC is unpacked and working (it survived, yay!), but I need to snake in an ethernet cable across the entire apartment to get it connected to the Interwebs, which should happen by this weekend. That means I’m on track to resume content creation by this weekend, as well as resuming the podcast next week! YAY! I wanna again thank you all for your patience during this slow period, but the end of the tunnel is approaching!

Also, now that my brain isn’t fully in moving/packing mode, I plan to put back a lot more energy into this blog, but I’m not above asking for some help when necessary. For example, if there is a person or game you would like us to discuss on the podcast, let us know at hail@spacegamejunkie.com so we can put it/them on the schedule! ;) Otherwise we might have to just throw some crap together at the last minute or something. ;)

Thanks guys! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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