X3: Albion Prelude – Fun Times, But Not Without Work

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  1. Christopher Kou says:

    I have not played Albion Prelude, but you might try X3 Reunion. That one actually has a story that is relatively easy to follow. And characters. Actual characters relevant to the story, with voices and stuff. I found it quite enjoyable.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Heh, I did, while back, didn’t click with me then either. Sigh. I’ll revisit it eventually though. :)

  2. Robert says:

    How to play x3 – 1) install and run. Get frustrated. 2) Get on the forums, learn how to play and what you can do. 3) Download several mods to make the universe interesting. 4) Enjoy playing for months.

    Its not easy to get into. Its slow paced, and nothing about the game will make you think its at all worthwhile. If you don’t read about what people do in game, you’d never realize you can build huge station complexes and trading networks, fleets, and why you’d want to in the first place. If you don’t download mods, there isn’t much of a point…. as the universe is slow, static, and boring. However, if you look you’ll find other players with the same frustrations have made it their mission to make the game fun. With MARS fire control, and Anarkis Carrier Command, and the many excellent pirate mods, and the marine boarding mods, and the fleet response mods, winnable wars, aggressive aliens, the ability to take over sectors, enemy corporations, etc… etc…

    Out of the box, you fly around and do lame missions like.. move a tourist from one location to another in under three minutes, or go get someones lost ship, and other stupid random missions. The story line missions are there, and they are meh, but actually give some semicoherent storyline to the world. Mostly they are skippable and stupid. You get a few ships. Maybe a space station.

    Modded you get to be a pirate, build an empire that actually means something, claim some space, and fight in and win wars.

    Really, Egosoft sucks for not making the game the players keep making… over and over and over.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the comments, Robert, and thanks for the detailed reply. It’s a damned shame one needs mods, apparently, to have fun with this game. While that wouldn’t be a factor in a review at all, I’d like to give these a shot on my own time, as it were. :) Might you have any recommendations?

  3. Paddington says:

    You have eloquently explained every gripe I have with essentially the entire X series. Eve has a warmer feel to it. Thanks for the post!

  4. Treelor says:

    The X series is one of those games where (just like the ArmA series) mods are almost needed to make it feel whole. Sure, its a flaw, but if it can be fixed then there’s no reason not to. Looks like Robert already covered that point but let me go into detail on a couple that I think would really improve your experience.

    It sounds like your major gripe was with the transit times, and I seem to remember there being an Advanced Hyper Drive mod on the egosoft forums that gives you point-to-point and energy-cell-free jumps. You can even set it up so the AI uses it too!

    The X Rebalance Mod (XRM) is a total conversion mod that should be compatible with the aforementioned script that does a much better job at generating conflicts, missions, and general things to do as well. I should warn you that I’ve had quite a bit of trouble getting that to run without slowdowns, though.

  5. thefrawg says:

    Between X3 games, I have about 110 hours on record, so clearly I enjoy them. *However*, they are an acquired taste and appeal more to my desire to build, own and be rich than they do to my desire for excitement. The initial 10-20 hours of any X career involves careful accumulation of cash so you can get to the parts of the game you’ll enjoy (whether that’s exploration, combat or building).

    The economy is great. The fleet management is difficult, but very deep. The amount of content in this game is staggering.

    I’ve found the late game a bit cumbersome, building factories to get your hands on rare materials so you can build the big bad ships.

    My bottom line is I want to enjoy this game more than I do.

  6. proudtiger says:

    One of the most boring games ever made with unbalanced gameplay and frustration where you want to kill anything,you get so angry.
    Can’t stand any of the X series games.
    I have better things to do with my time that waste it on this crap.

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