Let’s Play Space Bucks – Entry 3 – Offering Better Value For Your Space Buck

Makin' it Rain! In...Space...
Makin’ it Rain! In…Space…

Welcome back to Space Bucks my friends! In this entry, I try to get serious about making profits, and its paying off. By lowering costs and hopefully correctly increasing money spent on security and maintenance, it seems as if we’ve become the most profitable/highly valued company of the four. The other companies seem to be expanding further and faster than we are, but that just adds more overhead, so eventually I hope to overtake them in both space and profit. I also opened landing rights on another planet, one with a race that really likes toxic waste, but sadly I need a better ship to get it there. You’d think stopping at a planet would refuel a ship, but apparently not, so range means the entirety of a trip, rather than just one leg, which is an odd decision. Still, I hope to eventually get a ship that will allow me to offload the toxic waste I’ve been storing to the folks that want it. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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