SGJ Podcast #369 – Unexplored Game Tropes

Two pararescuemen remove an astronaut mannequin from the XM-1 astronaut recovery tank and place it on a stretcher during a space shuttle rescue exercise.  The exercise is one of several planned to optimize rescue and recovery operations for the space shuttle Columbia.
We Wanna Do This in a Game…

Welcome to this week’s podcast y’all! This week, Spaz, Julie, Thorston, Jacob and I talk about tropes we’d like to see in games. Like, why isn’t there more rescuing in space games? Why does mining always have to include violence? Why is there so much pew-pew? And why can’t we play Darth Vader’s accountant? All this and more in this very fun episode!

We’ll be off next week for our holiday break! We’ll see y’all back in here in two weeks! As always, if you have any questions or comments, please drop them in the comments below, email us at or hit us up on the forums.

Author: Brian Rubin

1 thought on “SGJ Podcast #369 – Unexplored Game Tropes

  1. I so love the zen of mining in games. In Minecraft, I’m the infrastructure guy and I like building roads and tunnels. Did a lot of mining and base building in StarMade.

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